HOOK EVO, the anchor point for sloping timber roofs.

Installation of HOOK EVO on the roof is simple and quick.

The proportions of the system are optimised for safe application on min. 100 x 100 mm section timber joists.

The base plate, with an increased number of holes, allows the anchor to be mounted in different positions, depending on the type of roof tiles.

Made from a single piece with no welding points, the anchor point is certified for applying force in all directions (360°), guaranteeing the maximum safety of the operator.

Maximum load: 1 user

Prices and enquiries: maciej@overtheground.ie



The HOOK EVO stainless steel anchor point guarantees safety at work during the performance of operations on sloping timber roofs.

Under-tile fastening ensures a low visual impact in the roofing, for an aesthetically satisfactory result.