SINGING ROCK – Reactor 3 “Y” with eyes

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REACTOR 3 / W43*
Shock absorber with a lanyard I, Y, Y with eyes or Y with rings

  • parts exposed to abrasion covered with a tubular webbing
  • shock absorber covered with a textile sheath
  • shock absorber can be easily taken out and dried
  • methodical and identification label is placed inside the textile cover
  • light alloy ring or textile eye enables to shorten a webbing in half
  • different webbing lengths are produced on customer’s demand (maximum length including connectors and the shock absorber cannot extend 2 m)
  • carabiners can be fixed by a plastic holder which also protects webbing against wearing trough
  • possibility to stitch-in a connector (EN 362)
  • length of completely ripped out fall absorber 140 cm

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Type Code Connector Length inc.
connectors (m)
Separate absorber W4320WW00 max. 2
Type I, length 85 cm W4330W085 no connector 0.85 out of stock
W4331W085 K370 1.05 out of stock
W4332W085 K353 1.17 out of stock
W4333W085 K355 1.27 out of stock
W4334W085 K369 1.05
Type I, length 155 cm W4330W155 no connector 1.55 out of stock
W4331W155 K370 1.65 out of stock
W4332W155 K353 1.87 out of stock
W4333W155 K355 1.97 out of stock
Type Y, length 85 cm W4340W085 no connectors 0.85
W4341W085 2x K370 1.05 out of stock
W4342W085 2x K353 1.17
W4343W085 2x K355 1.27 out of stock
W4344W085 2x K369 1,05
Type Y, length 155 cm W4340W155 no connectors 1.55
W4341W155 2x K370 1.65 out of stock
W4342W155 2x K353 1.87
W4343W155 2x K355 1.97 out of stock
Type Y eye, length 155 cm W4350W155 no connectors 1.55
W4353W155 2x K355 1.97
Type Y ring, length 155 cm W4370W155 no connectors 1.57
W4371W155 2x K370 1.67 out of stock
W4372W155 2x K353 1.82
Strength min. 15 kN
ce1019EN 355