SINGING ROCK – Kata 9.7 50M

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All-round single climbing rope suitable for most of climbing activities.

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KATA 9.7 / L0570AA
High-end climbing single rope with high safety factors and extremely high durability. Suitable for both experienced climbers and beginners.

  • unique patented InterCore technology provides maximum safety even in case of a damaged sheath
  • thanks to the sandwich-type construction of braided layers and the use of specially developed staple fibres the rope has super high resistence to abrasion
  • narrow diameter and great handling provide easy manipulation in all belay devices
  • thermotransfer end marking
  • ultrasonic ending
  • middle marking
Color light blue
Weight 61 g/m
Length pack: 30 – 80, 100 m • spool: 200 m
Diameter 9.7 mm
Number of falls 5
Dynamic elongation 30 %
Static elongation 9.0 %
Impact force 7.7 kN
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