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Hardened steel ice screw with a light alloy hanger ideal for glacier tours and classic alpine climbs.

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  • shaft is made of hardened CrMo steel for higher strength and durability
  • anti-corrosion coating of the shaft ensures high resistance against rust
  • four high-quality sharp teeth make gear placement easier
  • thin profile of the shaft allows easy screwing even in overfrozen ice (below -10°C)
  • light alloy hanger is designed to provide good ergonomy while screwing, to ensure easy stacking on a holder and to allow clipping of two carabiners
  • screw is available in three different lengths


code / name length weight certification
RK302SX012 / Spin L12 120 mm 100 g CE 1019, EN 568
RK302SX017 / Spin L17 170 mm 125 g CE 1019, EN 568
RK302SX022 / Spin L22 220 mm 150 g CE 1019, EN 568
Weight 100, 125, 150 g
Material CrMo steel with anti-corrosion coating, light alloy
Length 120, 170, 220 mm

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120mm, 170mm, 220mm